Lauren Zuidema

Growing up and living in South Africa and witnessing extreme poverty everyday it’s hard not to become desensitised and emotionless, it’s so easy to turn a blind eye as most of us sadly do.

Fortunately I have never considered myself part of that majority, and with each interaction I make a point to acknowledge, see and feel the pain that so many of our people endure every day.

Whether it’s a mother with her child strapped to her back (as our South African mama’s do best) at the traffic lights asking graciously for food or a small donation; children with their mischievous big eyes ‘working’ on the streets for scraps; or the old man dressed in his Sunday best, all tatty and worn searching for a job to help sustain his family back home – I see them.

Bearing witness to this poverty and suffering is heartbreaking but I do believe that through access to funding and with solid management and processing, we can initiate and implement projects that have the potential to fundamentally change peoples lives.

I was lucky enough to be asked to join the Eniwe Children’s Fund team and am thrilled at the prospects that lie ahead. With years of experience in marketing and people management I feel I have the best starting ground to make a success of this and to contribute whole-heartedly to all that needs to be done. With many projects on the horizon I am beyond excited to get my hands dirty and start this new venture.