Update May 2014

Eniwe Children’s Fund Update – May 2014

Dear Friends, supporters and sponsors of Eniwe Children’s Fund,

As usual, firstly I would like to thank all our sponsors and donors for the donations we receive on an ongoing basis – it is the backbone of our funding of these children in South Africa.

In February/March this year it was Fund’s Distribution time and I set off for South Africa to see our projects old and new!

We are extremely excited about the establishment of the newest project – Child Headed Households in Khayelitsha Township, South Africa.

As a direct result of the AIDS epidemic in SA, there are currently in excess of 7000 orphans living alone in Khayelitsha. Sometimes children as young as 14 or 15 are left as the sole support for their family of younger siblings. These children live in shacks that are not safe or weatherproof and the potential for abuse of these orphans is enormous.

We have partnered with an organisation in the township to build safe and secure homes for these Child Headed Households.

We initiated this project in February/March this year and already have built 11 of these secure ‘shacks’. Although it may not seem to be all that much from our ‘first world perspective’, in their world it provides a sense of security, safety and pride as well as allowing the children to continue to live within their known community.

Travelling through the township is definitely not for the faint hearted, and our arrival there was greeted with mixed responses. However, once the residents leaned of our plans we were escorted all through the township and had the privilege of meeting some of the first families that would receive a new home. It is an extremely satisfying experience to see the positive changes in these children once they have had a new home built for them.

Very, very rewarding and only possible with your support!

We are hugely pleased to welcome Lauren Zuidema to Eniwe Children’s Fund as our ‘on the ground’ Project Manager in South Africa. Lauren has been invaluable in monitoring and managing the process of our projects and we look forward to the introduction of additional ventures under her watchful eye in the near future.

As always, we are committed to improving the lives of children orphaned or made vulnerable by AIDS in South Africa and to create and maintain lasting solutions in the lives of orphaned children. We aim to do this by implementing sustainable projects and to assist poverty stricken communities through education, skills training and improvements in basic health and safety initiatives.

Check out this Before/After pic…….We are almost as proud of this new (and much improved/safer) home as the family who live in it! Almost, but not quite!

Thank you, again to our dear Borruso’s customers who continue to contribute to our funds and enable us to continue the good work!

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