Update 2019

Thank you again for your support over this last year.

Apologies we have been so slack in keeping you up to date, but basically our projects continue unchanged and the day-care we built in Nyanga is running along nicely, as is our feeding program. At this stage we are not doing anymore Child Headed Households as the organisation that sources those families in need is not venturing into the townships as much at the moment for safety reasons.

We are taking on a new project in the next couple of months  – it is a pre-school in an informal settlement (township) outside of Pretoria. The settlement is also known as Malusi. Re-Gae pre-school was established by Thabitha, a young woman who made a living by walking around the informal settlement selling clothes.  Through this she saw how many of the children were wandering in the streets without supervision.  She then spoke to a woman who was looking after 5 children at her own home and together they began Re-Gae pre-school.  Re-Gae means “to feel at home”.

Thabitha was given land by the community leaders and she began to build the pre-school with the little money she had.  She laid down two small classrooms, a sleep room, kitchen and office. She began with only 11 children, a place mothers could bring their children for free until they found jobs. Many did find jobs and now pay Thabitha for their children to attend her school.  She currently ‘employs’ four women, three of whom are “teachers” and one a cook.  Since then, the number of children has grown significantly to 43.   Although the school was built to provide a safe haven for children, the structure is very flimsy and dangerous when it rains. The safety of the kids is a huge concern.  There are no toys, limited educational items and the playground are also self-constructed with a high risk of collapsing.  The needs list for this project is extensive and in the latter half of this year we will build 4 toilets and supply a 12 metre repurposed shipping container to replace one of the classrooms. We hope to replace the second one by the end of the year.


So again, please know your funds are going to good use and we will keep you updated on this next exciting project!

Cheers, 😊 😊


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