Our Projects

Feeding scheme - Grabouw (February 2016 – February 2017) ****
We provide food to feed 150 school children every day for an entire year at the Isibindi Centre in Grabouw.

Back to school stationery drive (January 2016)
People's Post graciously donated some much needed stationery items for our 8 school-going foster kiddies in Vrygrond to set them up for success with their education for 2016.

School shoes for over 60 young learners (January 2016)
We rallied together a grand total of 69 brand new pairs of school shoes for underprivileged children aged between 5 and 7 years old with 2 a bit older than that in Nyanga. These kiddies didn't have school school shoes to start the 2016 school year with as 'luxuries'like these are far down below on the priority list.

Foster Care Centre (2015 – ongoing)
We are providing clothes, bedding and servicing basic health and safety needs for 6 foster children living in Vrygrond.  We have plans to implement a veggie garden as well as an income generating project that they can take over to help sustain themselves.

Feeding scheme - Gugulethu (February 2015 – February 2016)
We provide food to feed 100 school children every day for an entire year at The Rainbow Aftercare Centre in Gugulethu.

Recreational fun day outing (June 2015)
We funded fun day outing for 40 children from the Ubunye Educare Centre in Dunoon. We went to the 2 Oceans Aquarium, enjoyed a lunch at Spur, and went to Art Jamming.

Soccer equipment for street soccer program (April 2015)
We organised soccer gear and equipment for a street soccer program aimed at getting our vulnerable children off the streets and away from drug and gang related activities in Cape Flats.

Paved play area (March 2015)
We financed and paved a play area for the children to benefit from at the Masande ECD in Khayelitsha.

Child headed households (March 2014 – December 2014)
We built 10 new homes for 10 child headed families in Khayelitsha.

Commercial grade stove/oven (February 2013)
We purchased a large 6 plate commercial grade stove/oven for the orphanage in Empangeni in February 2013. From this a feeding program was established to feed 80 children.

Internet Café (January 2013)
We purchased several computers, a satellite dish and a large commercial grade printer/copier/scanner to set up the Internet café in Empangeni. We wanted to the children to have access to and learn computer skills during school hours. And we wanted to provide the local community with facilities that they otherwise would have to travel into the town of Empangeni to access.

Flushing Toilets (2012)
This is more important than you can imagine! Before we built these flushing toilets at the orphanage in Empangeni there were just outdoor ‘long-drop’ style ablutions that were unhygienic and largely exposed to the elements.

Sewing workshops & veggie garden (2012)
The sewing workshop was to provide a new skill to community members, profits from the products they sold went back into the orphanage. The veggie gardens aim was to drastically bring down food costs. The children were taught to plant, nurture and grow.

Borruso Harvest School (2012)
We built a block of 4 classrooms and became the first ‘Rural Independent School’ in South Africa. They wanted this school so their children could get an education and also for the job and skills creation of the process. We furnished the classrooms with desks and chairs.

PVC Chairs (2011)
In our initial visit to the orphanage in Empangeni we purchased 100 durable PVC chairs that could be rented out for informal events to form part of an ongoing revenue project.


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