March 2013

Dear Friends,

Huge apologies for taking so long to get this update out! I was waiting for some concrete news to tell you before I sent this, but here, at least, it the progress to date…..

I went to South Africa in February to distribute the project funds we raised in 2012 and as usual, had a wonderful time and we have some amazing plans for 2013!

Here is where your much appreciated donation have done!

  1. We have set up a Computer Lab/ ‘Internet cafe’. We managed to purchase a satellite dish ( and herein lies the delay in getting this email out – it has yet to be installed, but I am told it is imminent!), a large office type printer/copier/scanner and three laptops. These computers will be used during school hours as a computer lab for the children to learn some computer skills and then after school it becomes the community Internet Cafe whereby the locals can come and write emails, send CV’s , print off forms etc at an hourly rate. Currently, people have to make the long trek into town and wait in long queues to do any internet business. The children of the school have been busy making posters and leaflets advertising the new computer facilities and by all accounts there is much excitement about the upcoming amenities!

The income from the  ‘Internet cafe’ will be directed back into the running costs of the school.

  1. We have established a ‘lunch program’ at the school and all the students are now fed one hot meal a day. This meal for anywhere from 60 – 70 kids was being prepared only on a double countertop hotplate. Phew, not my idea of fun! So just before I left the orphanage, Clement and I went out and bought a huge, commercial sized stove with a wonderfully massive oven and six cooking plates. Now there is much cooking and baking happening and once the ‘Internet Cafe’ is open the customers will be able to buy a slice of cake or a cupcake or a homemade loaf of bread to go with their browsing. What fabulous industry!!

Again, thank you all so, so much for your support and encouragement and I hope you get some satisfaction from knowing that you really ARE changing lives!

And as usual as I sign off, I have to ask if anyone knows someone that would like to support us or sponsor a child – please forward this email to them and ask them to contact me and I can get them involved.

Have a great Easter, Passover or just a great weekend!

Here are a couple of pictures from our visit and there is more at:

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