July 2013

Hi All,

Hmm, midyear 2013…. ( Well, a bit beyond – if I’m honest!) How did that happen?

First and foremost a huge thank you to all our lovely sponsors who faithfully deposit their donations every month. Without you and your continued support none of this would be possible. Thank you again!

I had been hoping to share with all of you friends of Eniwe that we were up and running with our internet café but unfortunately we are not quite there yet!

The good news is that our satellite dish is installed on its custom base in pride of place on the school grounds and the laptops are there and in use.  Also good news is that although it is not raking in millions of dollars, the printer is bringing in a few Rand ($$) a day with the locals coming through to print off documents etc.

We are a victim of ‘Africa Time’ at its finest here, and are awaiting the arrival of certain parts relating to the specific wireless router required for our ‘Internet Café’ application. That, and the establishment of another account in the name of the non-profit for the ongoing Internet costs is taking some time. At any rate it seems we are on the final leg of this arduous journey and hopefully will be a fully functioning project by the end of next month. Hold thumbs! Nobody said it was going to be easy J

Who would have thought that building 4 classrooms and establishing a school would be a quicker enterprise!

On the Borruso Harvest School front we have had some fabulous developments. The nearby Private School – Felixton College have initiated some share lessons for our students and they have gone along to join in on a couple of their lessons. The College has also very generously donated their old encyclopedias and some other books to our school, enough that we now have what could loosely be called a ‘library’. The older students are making use of this great resource, coming over in the afternoons to use the reference books for their assignments. Nobody is allowed to remove the books, so they have to stay there and study. Very productive!

I would like to put word out that Eniwe Children’s Fund is looking some help with a couple of things. If you, or anyone you know may be able to help us, please pass on my email address and let them know I’d love to hear from them:

  •  Website help! The website is very outdated and we would love if someone could help us get this more current.
  • We are also looking into obtaining our DGR status (approval from Ausaid and the ATO) now that we have been around for more than 2 years, but this is a complicated and expensive exercise and if there is anyone out there who could help guide us through this process it would be enormously appreciated.
  • Lastly, I am setting up a Fundraising Committee and if anyone out there has some time on their hands and a desire to help us raise funds, please contact me for more details.

Please enjoy the pictures below and if you are on Facebook, please like our page: https://www.facebook.com/Eniwe.Childrens.Fund?ref=hl

Thank you again for your continued support and encouragement!

Have a wonderful day  🙂

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