July 2012

Okay, so not quite ‘mid’ year… we are already on the downhill slope to summer. Congratulations on making it through!

Since my last trip to the school, the desks and chairs have arrived and the floors of the classrooms have been skimmed and we have now completed all requirements of the Health Department. We are on track for registration, all our documents have been submitted and provided the children perform to standard in the August assessment we will be a registered school by the end of January 2014.   (You have to have been operating for a full year before you can be registered).

As most of you know, the initial plan for the school was that it be a fully self-funded project in that the students school fees would pay for teacher salaries and supplies. Well, we have made no secret of the fact that this is an organic project and sometimes we have to change direction! As it stands, the enrolled students come from various townships and settlements around the school and once the letter regarding the payment of school fees went out, many children were then just kept home.

There is just no money available to pay even the most nominal amount without putting enormous pressure on these already impoverished communities. We put word out to send the children back to school!

After the school is registered at the beginning of next year we can apply for government subsidies for the teachers but until that time we really need to get the school fees of all 134 students sponsored. Actually, I have 3 children sponsored so far….. so it’s only 131 to go!


Please consider sponsoring the education of one of our students for just $18 a month and help us help them continue their education!

There are 2 easy ways of doing this:

  1. Click on the link, follow the prompts and set –up a monthly payment from our website : http://eniwechildrensfund.org/donate/ (Please note:  This option only has a set amount of $20 instead of the $18, so if you prefer you can set your own amount in option 2!)
  2. Set up a monthly recurring payment from your bank account to ours ( this is our preferred method, because then we avoid the PayPal charges, but either way is fine, whatever is easiest for you!)

Eniwe Children’s Fund

St George Bank

BSB: 112-879

Acct #: 484 743 221


Thank you so much to those of you that continue to support the orphans on a monthly basis – your hard earned money is being well spent, I promise!

If you haven’t already – please like us on Facebook for updates: https://www.facebook.com/Eniwe.Childrens.Fund?ref=hl

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