January 2012

Dear Eniwe  Friends,

I just wanted to share the good news that our block of 4 classrooms for the Borruso Harvest School is 95% completed. We are so thrilled and so proud of Clement and his team of builders for the amazing job they have done!

While I was there we met with so many architects and building contractors and were told over and over again that we were ridiculously short of funds and that the amount of money we had (AU$41K) would only build one classroom if we were lucky. Fortunately, Clement and I persisted and decided to go ahead with building the block of 4 classrooms, but we would do it without a building contractor. Instead we would hire local labourers and micro manage the process ourselves. And yes, we did it – almost to the cent! We now have a building with 4 classrooms and a toilet block with 8 flushing toilets!!

Enrolments for the school began on the 16th of January and we already have 124 students confirmed with several applications still pending. The orphans will be attending the school at no charge while the rest of the students will pay a nominal monthly fee (AU$25). These school fees will fund the teachers wages and also go some way towards school supplies. In other words this school project has worked out so well in terms of our goal to be a self funding enterprise and provide an excellent education for the children of this rural community.

In 2012 our goal is to raise funds to build some more dormitories for the orphans and also to increase the number of classrooms so the school can grow.

Well, that’s the good news… the bad news is that we used every single Project Fund cent we raised over 2011 on building costs and now we have 4 new beautiful classrooms with no desks or chairs! They will still be used as classrooms as they are – the kids will sit on the floor and use their laps – but I am writing this email to see if anyone out there knows an individual or a business that might be willing to fully or partly sponsor these desks and chairs. To fit out all four classrooms will cost AU$6100. For what it is worth we will ensure there will be acknowledgement of the donation at the school and also via Eniwe Children’s Fund website.

It’s a long shot, I know… but as those of you who know me well you will hear me saying…” you don’t get if you don’t ask!”

Here are a couple of YouTube clips of the Presentation Assembly they arranged to receive their school badges:

The Choir: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a3Qv-uUj-tM&context=C4369bfdADvjVQa1PpcFNHEdDL1l4Ney_UXcBtKXLDfs5JuUZ1Yrg=

The Dancers: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T0cMLV9bE-I&context=C4373600ADvjVQa1PpcFNHEdDL1l4Ne03TfEULZ-9-N8ctt0159RM=

More updates here: https://www.facebook.com/#!/Eniwe.Childrens.Fund

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