Eniwe Children’s Fund wrap up of 2014

So here we are again at the end of another year. The amount of time between the end of one year end and the next seems to get shorter every year or is that just me?

First up, we are so excited  – We’ve just partnered up with Shopnate, who have made it possible to donate and shop at the same time, which is all kinds of awesome!  If you love a bit of online shopping, then check out http://www.shopnate.com.au/charity/eniwe-children’s-fund and register for FREE today that way you can shop online (Go shopping at ASOS, Expedia, The Iconic, Adairs, Deals Direct, Rebel Sport & hundreds more and make a free donation, How cool is that!) and donate to Eniwe Children’s Fund with every purchase. AND it doesn’t cost you anything extra – the retailers carry the cost!

Sorry to put the sales pitch up front, but I know if it’s at the bottom half of you won’t get there… haha!

Thank you to everyone who was standing by to get their tickets for the Great Big Christmas Lawn party, unfortunately for a number of reasons we were unable to hold our fundraiser this year – stay tuned for more news on this next year!

Now on to the wrap up…!

2014 has been chock full of exciting things and new developments so here is a quick wrap up… I’ll try to keep it brief!

Since March this year we have built a total of 15 new homes for the Child Headed Households in Khayelitsha.  And one of those houses didn’t actually cost anything as the builders gave us one for free to say thanks for all the work over the year! Win, win! Our last 2 houses are being built as we speak and will be completed by Christmas.

We received a thank you letter from one of the family’s that has a new home and this just makes it all worthwhile…

In addition to our ongoing funding and support from our sponsors, Eniwe Children’s Fund has been extremely fortunate to be involved with a couple of corporate fundraisers this year. The Ark Foundation raised enough funds from their generous staff to build a home from scratch to completion, and Luxperience hosted a charity benefit auction that raised a whole bunch of funds for us and Make a Wish Foundation. Thank you very much!

And on the ground in SA…

Lauren at our Eniwe office in Cape Town has taken ownership of our current projects and is responsible for making sure all those dollars you give us are being used to benefit these orphaned children. We are also finally registered as a local NPO in South Africa which allows us significantly more scope in terms of the projects we support and how we support them. This has been a long time coming so we are extremely happy to start 2015 with our South African charitable status.

What’s next for 2015?

While most of our funds and energy has been concentrated on the support of the orphaned family’s in the townships in 2014, we have been approached by several local community projects and NPO’s looking for support and desperately in need of funding. Eniwe Children’s Fund mandate is to improve the lives of children that have been orphaned or affected by AIDS and so in 2015 we will be inviting organisations that operate in that space to apply for project specific funding that we will manage, administer and deliver. I will be heading to SA early next year to shortlist and assess the applications, do site visits and plan the first rollout.

We have also been approached by a corporate partner to distribute their annual charitable donation of 100 pairs of new shoes to underprivileged kids. Hopefully, other businesses will jump on board once we show them how easily we can manage this for them!!

We will also continue to build one new house per month for the Child Headed Households.


Thank you……

As always, to our monthly donors and Borruso’s’ Pizza & Pasta – a huge thank you. The regular donations we receive from you make a massive difference and allow us to budget, plan and implement our work secure in the knowledge that we have a regular source of income.

It’s the end of the year and spirits are generally high so if you are feeling generous we would love your help..

Become a monthly sponsor – from as little as $10 per month or make a one-off donation here:


Shop at Shopnate!!


From all of us at Eniwe Children’s Fund – and the children whose lives are better today because of you – have a wonderful, safe, merry, peaceful festive season and see you all in 2015!

Warm regards,


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