Update May 2014

Eniwe Children’s Fund Update – May 2014 Dear Friends, supporters and sponsors of Eniwe Children’s Fund, As usual, firstly I would like […]

July 2013

Hi All, Hmm, midyear 2013…. ( Well, a bit beyond – if I’m honest!) How did that happen? First and foremost a […]

March 2013

Dear Friends, Huge apologies for taking so long to get this update out! I was waiting for some concrete news to tell […]

December 2012

Another year gone! It’s the year that has seen the official  formation of the Borruso Harvest School and the beginning of something […]

July 2012

Okay, so not quite ‘mid’ year… we are already on the downhill slope to summer. Congratulations on making it through! Since my […]