Eniwe Children’s Fund 2011 Wrap Up

Certificate of Incorporation as an Association

Wow, what an incredible year it has been!

The bureaucracy and red tape required to establish a non-profit organisation was nearly enough to finish me off before I started, but I persevered and eventually, as of the 18th of February, we were finally legit!

We organised and were the beneficiaries of a number of small fundraising events at the beginning of the year that set the wheels in motion. A couple of my son’s friends organised a gig at Yoyo’s in Forestville – several young bands played for free and all the money raised from the ticket sales was donated to Eniwe Children’s Fund. My daughter Jordan also organised a fundraiser at her high school – Killarney Heights High School where she gave a presentation to the entire school and invited them to think of the young orphans in South Africa so desperate for education. Both fundraisers were delightful in that they were entirely driven by teenagers with a real social conscience – not something you see too often!!

Eniwe Children’s Fund started to get some exposure and we signed up our first sponsors for the children at the orphanage!!

Since our inception, Borruso’s Pizza & Pasta has also been instrumental in spreading the word about our cause and has been the foundation of our core income.

Through constant dialogue with the Carers of the orphanage, Clement and Thuli Masondo, we established that aside from urgent day to day living necessities, the highest priority for the community was to ensure a consistent and high standard of education for the children. The idea of the school on the property became a reality with the orphans and other children from the village crowding into the existing dormitory rooms during the day to be taught by volunteer teachers from the University of Natal.

Clement completed the necessary paperwork to register the independent school and we were honoured to learn the School Governing Body had elected to name the school “The Borruso Harvest 5chool’.

In October of this year we held our inaugural fundraising event to raise money for the building of a block of 4 classrooms and a toilet block with flushing toilets and showers for the orphans. It was a fabulous evening and thanks to so, so many volunteers, contributors and sponsors we managed to raise the pretty impressive sum of $30,902.00 on the night.

Raise the Roof PartyIn November, my daughter Jordan and I went on our funds distribution trip to South Africa. So exciting – we had a total of $41,000.00 for our project! (This translates to approximately ZAR330 000.00 – a lot of money in South Africa!)

For 2 weeks I rushed around setting up building supply store accounts, interviewing builders, plumbers and contractors, meeting with architects and planners, purchasing as much building material as we could physically store on the grounds and generally having a wonderful time with the orphans, their carers Clement and Thuli and the amazing volunteer teachers. We broke ground at the end of the first week we were there with the orphans spending every free moment digging the trenches themselves; such is their ownership of this school – and by the time we left the foundations were ready to be poured.

I am so thrilled with what we (YOU!) have managed to achieve in such a short time and it goes without saying that none of this would have been possible without all of you.

Thank you to our monthly sponsors – you have given these children a hugely improved standard of living on a daily basis. They now eat at least 2 nutritious meals a day and some of the money that supports them on a monthly basis will go toward purchasing school uniforms for them in the new year.

Thank you also to all our other donors and supporters – you have contributed to our building fund that will allow these children to get the education they so richly deserve. Some of you have also been on board since I started this journey and your services, advice and moral support have been invaluable.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

But, (there is always a ‘but’!) there is still a lot more to be done. We have big plans for 2012….. So stay tuned!


Happy New Year from Eniwe Children’s FundEniwe Children's Fund


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